Just dropped $3K on new photo equipment…

…and I didn’t even get remotely close to all the stuff I’d like to be equipped with currently. I mean, I got a fair deal of stuff, and it’s all necessary things I need to be a serious videographer/photographer and will get used, but very little of it were things to get super excited about. Granted, half of what I spent was on a single lens that will become my new primary lens, but still, wish I could feel better about all of it.

Anyway, say hello to my new babies.

The rest was just filters, accessories, and cases, so not too terribly exciting. Hoping I can save up for a second round by the end of the year (another lens and perhaps a shoulder rig), but I’m somewhat dubious. This stuff’s too expensive. :(

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Photodump Alert: Turks & Caicos

Last week (or I guess technically 2 weeks ago now) I had the privilege of going to the Caribbean with my family again, my second trip to that region over the span of 1 1/2 years. The first one was to Dominica, and this one was to the Turks & Caicos. This one sort of just came up as an idea my mother and sister hatched to celebrate several milestones within the family (my mother’s 60th b-day, my sister’s near high school graduation/18th b-day, and my 25th b-day). Anyway, we had a good time, though I think I was the only one who preferred Dominica over T&C, but I’m not really the beach type or someone who gets completely bowled over by pretty-looking water (which it really was; it was rather objectively stunning).

About to post the resulting photos from the trip in 3 sets. And as always you can check out all of those and more at ye olde Flickr. I also really need to get on putting together a print store soon since I’ve received multiple requests from people I know who want one.

Next up is wading through all of the video I shot and seeing what can be done with it. I’m a little worried that I wasn’t able to get enough diverse and compelling footage to put together another video like Dominica, but we’ll see.

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