My New Toys Are Here!

My LED light board arrived today, which means I’ve got all of the gear from my first big gear purchase! As ambivalent and kinda icky as I was after immediately spending that much money, all of those feelings were instantly erased after receiving the first shipment of stuff. I’m already completely in love with the new lens (Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8), and I’m really loving the overall construction and efficacy of the loupe. Haven’t been able to shoot with it yet, but that will be changing very soon.

Also, because someone asked about it on my last post, and for whatever reason (how does I Tumblr???) I couldn’t figure out a way to respond, the light board is not a flash. It provides continuous LED light for video that I can mount onto the hot-shoe of my camera or onto a tripod. It also has an intensity dial and a color temp dial (3200-5600K), which is very handy on the fly. The LEDs are definitely a bit on the harsher side compared to traditional incandescents, but they last so much longer and burn so much cooler that it just made more sense. I’ll definitely be using this straight-on or in conjunction with a reflector when I’m on location and need an extra stop or two for head-shots.

Look at my wonderful things!

I’ve got a shoot for work tomorrow with a few runners from our endurance program Team Up!. Gonna see if I can pay one of those bike cab dudes to cart me around for 10-15 minutes in Central Park so I can get some nice tracking shots. I’ll definitely be putting the new lens and loupe to use though, so I’m excited!

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Just dropped $3K on new photo equipment…

…and I didn’t even get remotely close to all the stuff I’d like to be equipped with currently. I mean, I got a fair deal of stuff, and it’s all necessary things I need to be a serious videographer/photographer and will get used, but very little of it were things to get super excited about. Granted, half of what I spent was on a single lens that will become my new primary lens, but still, wish I could feel better about all of it.

Anyway, say hello to my new babies.

The rest was just filters, accessories, and cases, so not too terribly exciting. Hoping I can save up for a second round by the end of the year (another lens and perhaps a shoulder rig), but I’m somewhat dubious. This stuff’s too expensive. :(

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