First non-fireworks photos I’ve taken in……far too long. Didn’t get too much I cared for, but I found these to be interesting enough. And New Hampshire in the fall is just stupidly pretty.

Also, I’m very much enjoying becoming more familiar with Lightroom.

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Photos & New Hampsha’

Just put up a few new photos from the previous week in New Hampshire, which is my home away from home and where I take the majority of my photos. There’s a unique rugged beauty to the state that I just can’t get enough of.

The weather was nothing short of nightmarish for the vast majority of it if you enjoy either skiing or photography. It had been a very lean snow season before x-mas up there, but last week really took the cake. The pattern appears to be systems coming from the south bringing up warm air and moisture that washes everything out followed by bitter cold and dry air. This was worsened by the main quirk of being situated in a north/south¬†notch, which is that winds from the south get funneled through and magnify seemingly exponentially in the process. This means up on the mountain it can be blowing at tropical storm to hurricane-force winds and 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit while down in the valley it’s 20-30mph winds and around 40.

We had two major southern storms roll through over the course of the week. Lots of horizontal rain. Our poor dog Bode (not a tiny dog, mind you) was literally bowled over one night by the wind. The only photographically-conducive thing to happen the entire week was an incredibly thick fog that rolled through the afternoon on New Year’s Eve. Ah well, planning on being up there at least one more time this winter so hopefully I’ll have a little better luck on both the skiing and photo ends.

Speaking of photos, I occasionally have photos I want to post that I don’t consider my best work but I like anyway, so I’ve started a "B-pile" set on my Flickr. Follow me to see probably a lot of cute/goofy photos of my family’s animals.


Still getting back into the groove of things in the New Year, but I guarantee there will be some exciting and awesome things for me to post this year. I just need to make it happen.

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